A Drop of Hope

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A Drop of Hope

GOOD TV Production SE, in cooperation with the foundation Kapka naděje, produced the filming of the big concert show on June 17, 2015. The main idea of the show was resurrection, i.e. new start and new chance given to ill children by the activities of the foundation. The show in Forum Karlín will feature bands such as No Name, Wanastowi Vjecy or Tři sestry, and singers Václav Noid Bárta, Michal David, Marián Vojtko, Anna K., Bára Basiková and Tereza Mátlová. Tonight, the audience will hear old hits by Karel Svoboda, who was involved in the activities of the foundation, in new, unusual arrangements. The visitors will be also see five compelling stories of children with transplantation and their families. The live broadcast will also enable the meeting of two families of children whose lives were saved by a non-related blood marrow donor. It will certainly be a beautiful night, rich in good deeds and strong emotions. It will be hosted by Tereza Kostková, while the backstage stories will be covered by Jan Maxián. Starring: Tereza Kostková, Jan Maxián, Václav Noid Bárta, Michal David, Anna K., Bára Basiková, Lou Fanánek Hagen, Igor Timko, Roman Timko, Ivan Timko, Dušan Timko, Zoltán Sallai, Viliam Gutray.




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