Czechs on the Road

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Czechs on the Road

Would you like to see something new, forget all your troubles and have a holiday of dreams? Czechs on the Road bring the adventure right to your home. They don’t know where they’re going, or with whom; the only thing they’ve got is courage and positive attitude. Get ready for amazing experiences! The Czechs on the Road show is a follow-up to the popular series Women on the Road. This time the show features various couples that haven’t met until the airport, not knowing where and with whom they’re going. See for yourselves the couples made of 12 Czech men and women. Some of them have participated in the show The Table’s Set!, and there are some well-known people included in the mix. They will get the opportunity to enjoy local life and sightseeing. But will they go well with one another? Will they enjoy their time together, or will there be conflicts? In eight parts, we’ll take them, and you, through various more or less exotic destinations – Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, Zanzibar, Cap Verde, Dominican Republic and Senegal.




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