The Chosen

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The Chosen

On July 3, TV Prima announced that The Chosen would return after 6 years, in autumn 2013. The 4th series started on August 19, 2013, 6 PM, with the First Choice. The building of the new villa started, and the names of the first hostesses were announced. Tereza Pergnerová returned as the main host; the night show was hosted by Agáta Prachařová. The team of hosts was joined by Libor Bouček and the newcomer Pavel Cejnar. The 4th series villa was located in the Barrandov Film Studios; the construction took four weeks, and the villa was finished and presented to the public on August 12, 2013. Several former contestants, such as Petr Zvěřina, Regina Holásková or Vladko Dobrovodský, rejoined the show. And it was Vladko Dobrovodský who won The Chosen for the second time, and thus received the award of 5 million Czk.




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